Our projects

The work of Doctors for Children shares some common ground with care and well-being and involves multiple projects. Examples include Fitkids, a special fitness and exercise programme, Cyberpoli, an online platform where young people can find information, meet each other and ask questions (anonymously) to a panel of medical practitioners and experiential experts, as well as the Geld&ik project, for children living in poverty in the Netherlands or in low-income families. In addition, we run an extensive web shop with information material sourced by ourselves (books, CD ROMs and films) about the most common chronic illnesses and diseases.

Some projects have been transferred, such as the Mate4You project, a mentor project for children and young people with diabetes and Klik, a web-based method to map out how children (and/or their parents) who are or who have been receiving medical treatment in a hospital are doing.


Cyberpoli is an interactive Internet outpatient clinic for children and young people living with a chronic disorder or disability. It serves as a reference and meeting point where the children can obtain information on their illness, come into contact with other children and ask questions to a panel of medical practitioners and experiential experts (anonymously).


Fitkids is the fitness and exercise programme for children aged six to eighteen suffering from a chronic illness, disability or long-term disorder. The children train and move for a period of six to twelve months under the supervision of a (paediatric) physiotherapist.


KLIK is a method to map out how children and/or their parent(s)/carers, who are (or who have been) receiving medical treatment in a hospital, are doing.

Geld & Ik

Geld&ik (Money & myself) is a platform for children and youngsters who want to know everything about money. Join the discussion, ask questions to experiential experts and read everything about money!

Book Down Syndrome

Based on the new guidelines to be issued, we have summarised the most common medical problems among children suffering from Down Syndrome in an attractive fold-out book.

Mate 4 you

Doctors for Children has set up the Mate4You project in a number of cities in the Netherlands. Children with lots of day-to-day problems or (unsettled) diabetes that is difficult to control are appointed a personal counsellor.