Book Down Syndrome

Why this book about Down Syndrome?

Children with Down Syndrome run a greater risk of developing medical problems. Hence shortly after birth, your baby will be closely examined for congenital defects, with the emphasis on the eyes and heart. It is important to identify them early, preferably in the first month, in order to prevent (potentially) serious complications. Other congenital defects, in the gastrointestinal tract (digestive system) for instance, are identified when symptoms manifest themselves.

The paediatrician also looks out for non-congenital defects that can occur in Down Syndrome, from the first month of life right up to their teens. Thanks to developments in medical science, the health and life expectancy of your child has risen drastically. And thanks to additional knowledge on the treatment of certain medical issues in the event of Down Syndrome, the timely identification of those issues can contribute to a better quality of life for your child.

A summary of the medical issues

Not all parents want to actively monitor all medical developments or issues themselves. They prefer waiting for the check-ups with the paediatrician, simply because they want to enjoy their little baby without being reminded of a whole range of medical issues which it may never suffer from in the first place. However, for parents who do want to do this, we have prepared a summary of the most common medical issues among children with Down Syndrome, based on the new guideline to be issued. This covers the first month of life all the way up to their teens. This way you keep yourself informed and it enables you to understand the steps taken by the paediatrician and other medical practitioners.

How does this book work?

The medical issues are subdivided into four periods; the first month of life, the first year of life, childhood and teens.  Every period describes the most common disorders or medical issues. They can of course also occur in an earlier or later period. After all, every child is unique. In the book, we mainly focus on a description of the medical issues; the treatment is discussed generally, as this will ultimately differ for each child individually.


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