Geld & Ik

Geld&Ik is for children and youngsters aged 10 to 14: a phase in their lives in which they are more and more confronted with money issues and in which they learn to spend money consciously. And because of the change to secondary education, youngsters are confronted with a wide range of temptations and choices.

Geld&Ik is an interactive website, made for and by children, where they can find answers to all their money-related questions. The website offers information about money matters youngsters are confronted with, such as earning money, saving and spending. The central element of Geld&Ik is experiential accounts. The stories of children and the possibility children have to share experiences. Geld&Ik has been made possible thanks to contributions from VSB fonds, Oranje Fonds and the Rabobank Foundation.

The objective of Geld&Ik is to make children and youngsters think about money and to encourage them to ask questions about money. The website helps children to become money-conscious and it teaches them how to handle money (responsibly and independently). An important element therein is raising the quality of life of children; rich or poor.

Geld&Ik is the result of long-term research by the VU: Children and poverty - an intervention by and for children. The children who participate in this research tell about their own everyday lives and the role of money therein. This results in an insight into what is important to children themselves.  This manifests itself in the theme descriptions on this website. Their accounts also form the basis for the tips that can be found on this website. An important outcome of this research is that discussing insufficient funds or being poor is taboo among youngsters. Through this website, we hope to make a positive contribution to breaking that taboo.

Geld&Ik is a comprehensive information and reference point where children and youngsters can discover, ask questions, draw inspiration and meet each other. Children and youngsters can use Geld&Ik independently. Parents can use the site as part of their financial upbringing and Geld&Ik can also be used at schools. This way, Geld&Ik can prepare children and youngsters for the future from a financial perspective.

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